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Consulting Services

We align IT consulting with your needs

Whatever your tech background or target market, we’ll find a way to tackle your challenge.

Aiding startups with quick rollout

For clients who are just about to launch their business, we offer our experts to jump in and prepare a smooth path from scratch.

Your case:

  • Wish to build a disruptive tech project

  • A well-thought project idea or a proper concept

  • Venture money in the stock

Our Mission

  • Evaluate your idea’s financial viability

  • Prepare a strategic development plan

  • Build engineering roadmap

  • Minimize associated costs

  • Drive productivity and ROI

  • Offer dedicated developers if needed

  • Quickly deliver an MVP


Helping SMEs transform & innovate

When it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises or well-established brands outside of IT, we can undertake to implement a new product or technology of your choice.

Your Case:

  • Domain-specific background (tech, logistics, arts, or other)

  • Existing infrastructure or product

  • Harsh timelines and fixed budget

  • Strict control from stakeholders or investors

Our Mission

  • Assess your idea’s feasibility

  • Help translate a vague idea into a robust concept if needed

Advise on the latest trends around your tech of choice

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